Canterbury Softball has many softball "products" available each summer....there's something to suit everyone in the family 

Premier Fastpitch softball

Open grade fastpitch softball (Men)

Open grade fastpitch softball (Women)

Fastpitch softball (Mixed Community League )

Slowpitch softball (Mixed Community League) 

Special Needs softball (Mixed Community League) 

Rookie League fastpitch softball (Under 23 Men; Under 23 Women)

Junior League fastpitch softball (Under 15 & 18 Boys; Under 15 & 18 Girls)

Division Two Little League Softball(Under 13 Boys, Under 13 Girls)

Under 11 Softball (Boys and Girls)

Tee Ball Boys (Under 9)

Tee Ball Girls (Under 9)

Tee Ball Mixed (Under 7)

and if you are not keen on playing the game what about joining in and becoming a.....

Event Volunteer


Marie Byrne, Chair

Tony Hansen, Deputy Chair

Jason Begg, Board Member

Errol Byrne, Board Member

Maria Cropper, Board Member

Jason Mulvaney, Board Member


Dynasty Ballpark
220b Pages Road,
Tel: (03) 3899167

Anthea Stringer, General Manager

Having studied at Otago University and other various higher educational institutes,  Anthea brings a wide scope of skills to her role. Moving into the general managers role, Anthea will be providing support and guidance to our Softball community with integrity and a high work ethic. She will continue to work in the coach and development space also, creating opportunities for growth across all areas of our game.
Anthea can be contacted at or mobile 027 8180076

Danielle Richardson, Operations Director

​​​​​​​Danielle brings a wealth of experience and integrity having grown up in the softball community. From on the diamond as a player, coach, and an umpire, and off the diamond as a senior club administrator and facilitator, her passion and enthusiasm for softball is immense. Danielle is responsible for delivering the competition and tournament products of the association, and adding value for the members through competition information, maintaining websites, and general team/club/affiliate support. 
Danielle can be contacted at or mobile 027 739 9906

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