CSA are proud to be offering our athletes a pathway for development.


Tūhura Tee Ball - explore and discover fun games and activities. Ages: 3-8 years

STEP UP Youth - a fun interactive foundation programme which combines fun games to learnings and skill fundamental work. Ages: 8-11 years

NEXT LEVEL Athlete - a six week focused programme which supports growth across a range of athlete development opportunities. Ages: 12-16 years

NEXT LEVEL Academy - a programme supporting the growth, learning and implementation of becoming a competitive athlete. Ages: 14-18 years

Tātai Whetū Partnership Programme - a pre High Performance programme run for selected athletes across all sports in Canterbury. 

Performance Pathways Partnership Programme - a Pre High Performance Programme targeting emerging athletes who have shown committment, dedication to growth and an effort to further their development in the HP stage.

Keep an eye out as we roll out these new programmes in the pre-season.