• Induction to Coaching - this is a short course designed to ensure the safety of athletes and coaches. Click on the picture to get started.
  • SNZ online accreditation - SNZ have a number of courses which range in levels from foundation, development, performance and high performance. Click on the following # link to check out what is available #SNZDEVELOPMENT 
  • Sport Tutor - courses such as Sport Start Coach, Coaching Safety Net and Thriving Under Fire are all useful courses for coaches at every level. Click on the # link to check out these great courses #SPORTNZSPORTTUTOR

Child Safeguarding bite-sized modules & certificate

CSA aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our athletes.

We encourage all club staff, coaches, managers and parents to jump onto the Sport NZ website and check out the child safeguarding modules.

Check it out by following the link Sport NZ Child Safeguarding 

By creating an account with sports tutor you can record your progress and gain a certificate. All CSA staff and board members are required to complete the child safeguarding modules as part of their professional development.

Click on the images to get started.