Canterbury Softball are pleased to be introducing some new development opportunities for our coaches.

This can be broken down into 3 categories.

  1. Online Accreditation
  2. Practical and Online Accreditation
  3. Coaching Conference - interviews and interactions with experienced coaches, managers and professionals


  • Induction to Coaching - this is a short course designed to ensure the safety of athletes and coaches. Estimated completion time is 10 minutes. Click on the picture to get started.
  • SNZ online accreditation - SNZ have a number of courses which range in levels from foundation, development, performance and high performance. Click on the following # link to check out what is available #SNZDEVELOPMENT 
  • Sport Tutor - courses such as Sport Start Coach, Coaching Safety Net and Thriving Under Fire are all useful courses for coaches at every level. Click on the # link to check out these great courses #SPORTNZSPORTTUTOR


  • U11 Coaching Introduction Level 1 Certificate - this is a combination of a 1 hour practical/theory session and a short quiz online. At the completetion of this you will be sent an electronic certificate. Click on the image to register.
  • U11 Coaching Fundimentals Level 2 Certificate - this is a combination of a 1 hour practical/theory session, followed by an online video and quiz. This course also offers templates to help you out. Click on the image to register. (TO BE ADDED SOON)
  • B5 Coaching Certificate - B5 is the latest modified Softball game to hit Canterbury. This is a combination of a 45 minute practical/theory session (be ready to get involved) followed by a quick online quiz to show your understanding. This is a great course for teachers and parents. Click on the image to register. 


Over August and September Canterbury Softball will be holding webinars with experienced coaches, managers and professionals. This will be an opportunity for people to interact and ask questions.

There is no cost to join in, just keep an eye out for guest speakers and their subjects on both our website or Facebook page. These will be added intermittently for you to register.

  • Game Strategy with Carl Tuinenga - Wed 19th Aug
  • Questioning and Reflection with Caleb Harrison - Wednesday 9th Sep

Click on the images to get started.