Canterbury Softball has many softball "products" available each summer....

there's something to suit everyone in the family

- Premier Fastpitch softball
- Open grade fastpitch softball (Men)
- Open grade fastpitch softball (women)
- Fastpitch softball (Mixed Community League)
- Slowpitch softball (Mixed Community League)
- Special Needs softball (Mixed Community League)
- Rookie League fastpitch softball (Under 23 Boys; Under 23 Girls)
- Junior League fastpitch softball (Under 18 Boys; Under 18 Girls)

-Junior League fastpitch softball (Under15 Boys; Under 15 Girls)
- Division Two Little League Softball(Under 13 Boys, Under 13 Girls)
- Division One Little League Softball (Under 11 Boys; Under 11 Girls)
- Tee Ball Boys (Under 9)
- Tee Ball Girls (Under 9)
- Tee Ball Mixed (Under 7)

and if you are not keen on playing the game what about joining in and becoming a.....

- Coach
- Manager
- Scorer
- Statistician
- Umpire

-Live Stream Commentator

or an Event Volunteer every now and again